Monday, 31 October 2011

He Said It Again!

He just can't help himself can he?

David Cameron's been at it again. In an interview with The Financial Times (£) he pleads with his colleagues to stop talking down the economy, and instead present a united and happy front over the state of Britain's finances, in the face of all the reams of evidence which suggest that this is probably quite hard right now.

He advises that:

" home and abroad, we must counsel against the pessimism and fear that can become self-fulfilling prophecies in global markets."

"Whatever the obstacles to growth today, we still boast some of the best universities in the world, the most favourable timezone in the world, and the world’s first language. I passionately believe that the global economy is presenting us with opportunities, not threats – and we must seize them.”

Apparently, he wasn't too enamoured with Cabinet Ministers, such as Business Secretary Vince Cable, speaking in such dramatic and negative tones, when he told the Lib Dem party conference in September that the economic challenges facing Britain were 'the equivalent of war,' with few 'sunny uplands' poking their heads through the fog of uncertainty and worry; people were just thinking about how to survive and make ends meet.

In fact, if you read his full speech you'll find the words of someone far more in tune with the hardships of the general population, as opposed to someone constantly looking to put a shiny gloss on everything.

Unfortunately, Cable is a signed up member of this coalition and fully supports its austerity and deficit reduction plans that are causing untold damage to peoples' everyday lives.

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